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We Carry Kumho Tires in Taylorsville, NC

Main Street Tire Pros in Taylorsville, NC carries Kumho tires as one of our many premium tire options. We carry a large selection of tires produced by Kumho for many reasons. They are incredibly affordable for such a high-quality product. Most families are shocked when they discover how budget-friendly these tires are. Additionally, their tires are suited for many different types of vehicles, from sports cars and sedans to pickup trucks and SUVs. So, you can almost always find a tire made by Kumho for you. No matter which tires you pick, you’ll always be happy with a Kumho.

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Kumho Tires: A History of High-Quality and Affordability

Main Street Tire Pros carries Kumho tires because we believe history has shown them to be a reliable and affordable manufacturer for our customers. Kumho began in 1960 in South Korea. Kumho broke records within its country when it was the first manufacturer to produce more than one million tires in a single year. Since then, the company has continued to excel. They are among the top 10 tire manufacturers in the entire world and continually provide aid to artistic, cultural, and environmentally conscious organizations worldwide.

Why Does Main Street Tire Pros Recommend Kumho Tires?

Main Street Tire Pros regularly recommends Kumho tires to our customers for many reasons. Kumho produces high-quality tires that are comparable to the industry leaders like Goodyear, Michelin, and Bridgestone. However, Kumho tires tend to come in at a more budget-friendly price point, making them much more appealing to most families trying to work within their budget. Also, Kumho tires come in a variety of styles that can give drivers increased performance in traditionally tricky terrains like icy or muddy roads.

Types of Kumho Tires

The Kumho tires we offer at Main Street Tire Pros come in many different types. No matter what type of vehicle you drive and where you plan to drive it, there is a Kumho tire for you. The main types of tires offered by Kumho are:

  • All-Season Tires
  • All-Terrain Tires
  • Passenger Car Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • SUV/Crossover Tires
  • High-Performance Tires
  • Ultra-High-Performance Tires

Schedule an Appointment to Get Your New Kumho Tires

Please take a moment to look through the Kumho tires we carry at Main Street Tire Pros below. There is a tire for every person and situation. If you need help picking out the right tire for you, our technicians are always available to help explain your options. You can call or come in to discuss your choices. Once you are ready for new tires, schedule a service appointment with our team, and we’ll have you on the road in no time.

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