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General Tire

Shop for General Tires in Taylorsville, NC

At Main Street Tire Pros, we want our customers to have the most options for choosing tires to put on their vehicle. For this reason, we partner with General Tires to bring over a century of tire manufacturing innovation to you. General Tires are durable while providing a smooth and comfortable ride. They are safe for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks whether you’re racking up miles on the highway or taking your vehicle off-road. We’ll help you choose the best General Tires for your car.

Find the Right General Tires for Your Vehicle

Hallmarks of the General Tires line of products include a number of forward-thinking production standards such as replacement tire monitor indicators, grip edges, sidewall protection, and SmartGrip technology. General Tires most popular series’ include:


This line of tires offers choices to suit passenger, performance, and touring vehicles with superior grip and handling on all types of roads. You’ll find various options for summer and all-season driving.


These tires offer a quiet and comfortable ride for passenger and touring vehicles. Their all-season performance makes them the perfect choice to handle all weather scenarios, from dry roads to rain, sleet, or icy conditions.


For an aggressive, all-terrain option to match your light truck or SUV, the GRABBER™ collection offers a wide variety of options. Find the perfect balance for paved surface and off-road driving with these rugged and durable tires.

Not All Tires Are Created Equal

Tire choices go beyond the type of vehicle you drive. Sure, you need tires that are the right size and designed for your specific type of car, truck, or SUV. But you also need to consider what kind of driving you’re going to be doing. Do you spend most of your time on the highway? Paved roads? Traveling through various weather conditions? We’ll help you decide between the many choices, including:

All-Season Tires
All-Terrain Tires
Car Tires
Truck Tires
Touring Tires
Mud-Terrain Tires
Performance Tires
Snow Tires
Summer Tires

Complete Tire Sales and Installations

Main Street Tire Pros is your local headquarters for complete tire and auto care. Our tire specialists will help you choose the best set of tires for your vehicle in your price range. We will complete the job with professional installation, including tire balancing and a complete wheel alignment to provide you with a smooth and comfortable ride. Visit us today for a great selection of tires.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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