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Falken Tires for Cars, Light Trucks, SUVs, and Crossovers

No matter what you drive, we have an affordable and reliable tire from Falken at Main Street Tire Pros to fit your vehicle. While the company is known for its participation and victories in Ultra High-Performance racing, they are equally dedicated to manufacturing tire products for personal-use vehicles. These tires come with tire tread warranties, superior sidewall construction, and an exceptionally smooth ride. Best of all, they are one of the more affordable tire options for consumers looking for quality that won’t break the bank.

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Find the Falken Tire That Is Right for You

Falken tires are rigorously tested for performance on the streets, racetrack, and off-road conditions to ensure drivers will have solid and capable tires for the terrain they’re heading into. Choose from:

  • All-Season Passenger Tires – Choosing an all-season tire offers drivers the latest technology for sedans, sports cars, and crossovers when mileage, handling, and various weather conditions are essential considerations in your driving. These tires are available in a variety of different sizes.
  • Performance Summer Tires – The AZENIS series from Falken is developed for maximum performance for any driver looking to compete or who wants an exceptional grip on straightaways and corners in dry weather. The DOT-approved tires are street-legal for daily driving use.
  • Winter Tires – Locally, we might not have a great need for tires designed for winter driving conditions. But if you’re headed north and want to be sure you’re prepared for anything Mother Nature might throw your way, you’ll be confident with these on the road.
  • Light Truck & SUV Tires – Falken offers many options in this category to choose from. If all-season performance and comfort are important, check out the ZIEX series. Are you more of an all-terrain, all-weather driver? The WILDPEAK line is designed for adventure at any time during any kind of weather.

We Are Your Falken Tire Experts

Shopping for tires can be intimidating, even if you’ve been through the process before. With tire manufacturers constantly innovating and designing better products, the choices might be completely different than what you looked at just a few years ago. At Main Street Tire Pros, our knowledgeable and experienced team will help you choose a set of Falken tires that will meet your budget as well as your driving needs. Our tire shop provides complete installation with professional tire balancing and wheel alignments to ensure your vehicle operates comfortably and smoothly the second you drive it out of the lot. Visit us for Falken tires today.

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