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Wheel Alignment Services in Taylorsville, NC

Main Street Tire Pros offers complete wheel alignment services on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. Alignments involve more than just straightening out your wheels. This service is a comprehensive alignment of your car’s tires, wheels, and suspension system. The suspension system includes all of the components that connect the wheels to the body of the vehicle. Our shop is equipped with the tools and equipment to complete this essential service to provide a smooth ride in all kinds of driving conditions.

Automobile low wheel alignment

How Do Wheels Become Misaligned?

The most common time your vehicle will need a realignment is when you get new tires. This should be part of that process to ensure a smooth ride while promoting even wear on all four tires. Other instances you might need a wheel alignment could be after hitting a pothole, curb, or any other object that causes a misalignment in the suspension. Over time, due to age, suspension components can succumb to wear and require replacement and alignment.

Signs You Might Need a Wheel Alignment

Since a wheel alignment is essential to a smooth ride, there are noticeable signs that signal misalignment. Our team of experienced technicians can diagnose any issue and provide the proper repair to regain steady handling on the road. Symptoms of misalignment include:

  • Vibration in the steering wheel or body of the car when turning
  • An off-center steering wheel when driving straight
  • A vehicle that pulls to the left or right
  • Uneven tire wear

Schedule a Wheel Alignment With Us Today

Signs of misaligned wheels and suspensions are usually pretty noticeable. Putting off addressing the issue will lead to damage of suspension components and tires, requiring costlier repairs than a standard wheel alignment. This service is performed quickly with state-of-the-art equipment right here in our shop at Main Street Tire Pros. If you notice your car might need a wheel alignment, schedule an appointment today.

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