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We Offer Towing to Taylorsville, NC in Stressful Times

It happens to the best of us: A breakdown. When your car stops working on a busy road, the first thing that comes to mind is often, “how will I get it to the shop?” Many car repair companies leave you to your own devices. That’s not the case with Main Street Tire Pros. We offer towing services to our Taylorsville, NC customers. We want to make the ordeal of getting your vehicle repaired as easy as possible. Give us a call. We’ll be out to your location shortly and can begin the process of repairs immediately.

Car on a tow truck

Our Towing Services Are Just the First Step

Before you do anything, get your car to a safe location – usually the shoulder of the road. If you can get your vehicle to a parking lot, do so – but don’t endanger yourself. Then call us. Our professional team will travel to wherever you are and give you a lift to our location. From there, we can help. One of the reasons why Main Street Tire Pros is such a trusted name in the industry is our breadth of services. We are famous for our wide selection of tires. But we do more than that. We can repair brakes and engines and more. Our team uses diagnostic equipment to get to the bottom of car problems rather than wasting time under the hood. The result of our professionalism means a better experience for you.

Give Our Team a Call for Prompt Service

As one of the only repair shops in the region to offer comprehensive towing services, we can provide an unparalleled degree of customer support to all who need it. We have a fleet of tow trucks, enabling us to service more than one customer at a time. That means you will not have to wait long for our team to come to you. If you’re stranded by the roadside, give us a call today.

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