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Smog Test for Taylorsville, NC Motorists

Main Street Tire Pros is proud of our reputation for offering everything under one roof. We don’t believe motorists should have to go one place for repairs and to another business for smog tests. Instead, our Taylorsville, NC location offers a wide range of services. Smog tests can be burdensome to vehicle owners. Our goal is to make complying with state regulations easier for our customers. We have enough bays to accommodate plenty of customers at once, and our technicians work quickly, ensuring you are in and out in no time. Get your smog test today and fulfill your obligations by visiting our shop.

Mechanic smog testing car

We Have Years of Experience and Are Licensed to Perform Tests

A smog test is a comprehensive examination of your vehicle and its engine emissions performed by a licensed smog testing facility. These tests ensure your car is not producing excess emissions and falls within existing regulations and laws. Smog tests might be semi-annual or even spread further apart depending on the type of vehicle. Either way, you can trust our specialists to perform the examination completely and quickly. One of the benefits of using Main Street Tire Pros for your smog test is our ability to incorporate other services into the visit. Are you overdue for an oil change? Get one done while you’re seeing us.

What to Expect From a Smog Test

During a smog test, one of our mechanics will connect your vehicle’s exhaust pipe to a machine. This diagnostic equipment reads the pollutants your car emits while idling and while the gas pedal is engaged. We calibrate our machine to match the standards set in our state, ensuring an accurate reading. If there is an issue, we can provide the fixes, including replacing various parts of the vehicle. If you receive a failing grade, you can count on us to bring your car, truck, or SUV up to standard.

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