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Complete Check Engine Light Diagnosis

It happens to all car owners at one time or another. You’re driving along, everything’s fine, and all of a sudden, an orange light on your dashboard catches your eye. Your check engine light has come on. But, why? The car feels the same. It’s driving. It’s not making any funny noises. What could it be? At Main Street Tire Pros in Taylorsville, NC, we use computerized diagnostic equipment to find out exactly what has caused your Check Engine Light to come on. When you first see the light come on, remain calm, and bring your vehicle to us as soon as possible, and we’ll determine the reason.

Female mechanic inspecting a lifted car

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

Modern cars are built with computers connected to various components in the vehicle’s engine. So when the Check Engine Light comes on, it’s not just because of one thing. It could be one of many different things. Some are minor, like a loose gas cap. Another reason could be a failed sensor that won’t necessarily harm your vehicle if you continue to drive with the light on. However, it can diminish gas mileage performance or lead to emission problems. Other causes can be more serious and lead to costlier engine repairs if they are not addressed immediately. The safest thing to do when your Check Engine Light comes on is to get your vehicle to us as soon as time allows so we can read the Check Engine Light code and complete the proper repair. The problem could be from:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Failed oxygen sensors
  • Catalytic converter issues
  • Spark plug issues
  • Engine misfiring
  • And more

Visit Us for Your Check Engine Light Diagnosis

As your local auto repair specialists in Taylorsville, NC, our team at Main Street Tire Pros takes pride in providing our customers with reliable service when the Check Engine Light comes in their vehicles. We understand the uncertainty and stress this can cause. But, don’t panic. We have the diagnostic equipment to accurately read your computer’s code, understand what caused the light to come on, and will offer a professional repair to correct the problem and have you on your way. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your Check Engine Light issue today.

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